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ABOUT US: Corporate Policy Statement on Safety

The management of Specialty Finishes, Inc. is dedicated to the belief that the Health, Safety, and Welfare of its employees is the single-most important function of management and supervision. We believe that our employees are our greatest asset and, therefore, their protection is one of our greatest responsibilities and is the first consideration in the operation of our business.


We implement and uphold high safety and health standards as part of our day-to-day business practices and insure that it becomes every employee’s practice as well.


It is the intent of Specialty Finishes, Inc. to comply with all regulatory standards and laws. In order to insure our compliance we carefully examine all work conditions on a project-by-project basis. In addition, we expect our employee’s cooperation in reporting any work site he or she finds in violation of our health and safety standards. No employee is required to work in an unsafe environment and is made aware of procedures for reporting and documenting these occurrences to their supervisor without penalty.


Specialty Finishes, Inc. operates with prevention as the highest consideration to maintain the health and welfare of all employees. To avoid occupational hazards and illnesses at all costs, safety is given precedence over productivity whenever necessary. Management also provides any mechanical or physical equipment necessary to maintain safety and in keeping with the highest industry standards.


To maintain a successful health and safety regimen it is the belief of Specialty Finishes, Inc. that a cooperative approach must be taken that considers all levels of employees and that inculcates an internal agreement and practice that safety and health are both a personal and group responsibility. Vigilance and the maintenance of high standards of safety need to be the primary consideration of everyone in the company in order for it to be preserved.


It is the goal of Specialty Finishes, Inc. to maintain the highest standards and practices of safety and health, to prevent and minimize work-related injuries and illnesses, and to surpass the best health and safety records in our industry. Specialty Finishes, Inc. strives for nothing more than zero accidents and injuries.

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